Dinger is my experimental Post-Free-Jazz Band. Unfortunately, the musicians are currently distributed all around Germany at the moment with each single distance of one member to any of the others being at least 400km, i.e. there are no live shows planned at the moment.

Julia Vorkefeld: Synthesizer
Martin Bürkl: Trombone, Drums
Markus Mayer: Accordion

One can find quite a few recordings and information of the band around the internet. Here are the most important snippets:

Our first album “Von kommenden Tagen” was published by the label “Raketenbasis Haberlandstraße” in digital and tape format:

Our Bandcamp page (with our first EP and some live concert recordings): Dinger@Bandcamp

Our Soundcloud page reflects the content of the Bandcamp page. Choose which one you like best: Dinger@Soundcloud

And, finally, you can follow us on facebook to be informed about news and upcoming shows. You’ll also find more information about the band: Dinger@Facebook